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The ad is appearing in the Daily National Variety for October 14, 2005. We tried to make it available to everyone we could, and to find people who are willing to ship it to those with no access, please check the official Browncoats board at:

I am setting up links to the flyers on this page in both .pdf and .jpf format. Because of the file size, no one is allowed to "hotlink" these files under any circumstances. If I find that this has happened, I will take the files down immediately. There are also wallpapers made available in color for 3 different monitor resolutions.

Black and White .pdf flyer
Color .pdf flyer

Black and White .jpg flyer
Color .jpg flyer

Wallpaper 1280x1024
Wallpaper 1024x768
Wallpaper 800x600

The issues will be available for order next week. The number to call is 866-698-2743, and the issues cost $6.95 each. The issue will arrive in 10 business days.